MAD NPS 2016 – June 5th – Ticknock

MADMTB are proud to announce a totally new course for our round of the 2016 XC NPS.

This is most definitely what we deem a mountainbike course, with savagery and fun in equal amounts.

It consists of one big beast of a climb and a killer descent which contends with some of the best Enduro descents in Ireland.

We suggest steering well clear of light XC tyres and low pressures for this round.

Pack your finest suspension travel; this is no smooth public park terrain

Trail description:

Start off on Tom’s fireroad with a sprint to help thin the bunch then into the start of the climb up towards Kilmashogue.

Onto the next section of machine made trail up to a new junction where you’ll exit the smooth climb and out onto the rugged open mountain of Three Rock.

With a stunner of a view on your left down to Dublin bay, your attention will be quickly refocused onto the technical rocky trail as you climb at a mellow grade towards the highest point of the day at the junction to Fairycastle path.

A carefully calculated line choice along this natural trail will reward you, the fastest line is not always the obvious one.

Across the junction where one of our friendliest and most encouraging marshals will confirm to you how utterly deadly you are,  and onto a real challenger, a heather-lined descent over granite boulders and outcrops which will try their best to steal your speed-don’t let them!

Watch for the smooth and faster lines on this section which may involve you swapping your trajectory either side of the straight line option.

Or if you’re on a 160mm bike, just blast the straight rocky line and laugh while all that suspension makes you into a downhill hero.

Drop down onto metro 2 in reverse direction and feel a massive amount of speed kick-in two seconds later.

Careful though, you may not be in the woods yet, but as the saying goes,  you’re not out of the woods yet….this section is crazy fast and there be rocks on that there trail…

Cross back over the Fairy path for the 2nd time and through the hole in the trees, sharp squeeze on the back brakes to pull a tight right down the tractor trail.

A bermed left hand hairpin will catch you just before a sharp right hander into a wooded descent to intersect with the end of the Euroskeptic trail.

Sharp left exit then get gobbled-up by the Trench of Terror and unceremoniously spat out onto the Kilmashogue fireroad then off down the King’s Highway, all hail the King!

Skimming across the top of the mounds with bags of eye-watering speed and then sweep-n-carve down left onto fast open ground and into the forest.

Watch for the straight-but-techy line into this section, or take the rooty option to the right then become a blur of speed past the thinned trees and rip a sweet line down to the BusAras section.

Surf the stops before dropping down into the Start/Finish area.

Nice job, you just beat the mountain.

But the mountain hates being trumped, and isn’t finished with you yet.

Deep breath, go fight another lap, or two, or three….

Race Day Schedule

  • 11:00 – Under 8s, Under 10s, Under 12s
  • 12:00 – Under 16s, Senior Men 4, Senior women 3, Under 14s
  • 14:00 – Senior Men 1, Juniors, Senior Men 2, Senior Women 1, Senior Men 3, Senior Women 2

Prize giving

  • 13:30 Under 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s and Senior Men 4 & Senior women 3
  • 16:00 Senior Men 1, 2, 3, Juniors, Senior Women 1, 2

Registration now open!

Register for Ticknock NPS


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.


Click here to download the course map.


Please note the overflow parking and the road in upper Ticknock is a one-way system.

Please do NOT block fire-road access as these may be used for emergency vehicles.




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