Joining Instructions & Club Fees

You should come on a few rides with us before deciding to  join the club. Members of other clubs and visitors to Dublin are always welcome on our rides.

Club membership is open to riders aged 18 and above. Under-age riders are welcome in certain circumstances. Please see our underage policy here.

To become a member of MAD please follow these steps:

1. Come out on a club spin (or two)

To ensure MAD is the right club for you, you should come out on a couple of club spins. You can find out about our introductory club spins by signing up to our Intro spin mailing list. We run Intro spins usually on the last weekend of each month (with the exception of months when the club runs other events). Email us for details about the time and place.

Read more about our intro and beginners spins here

2. Join the club (and cycling Ireland)

Once you’ve joined us for an introductory spin, and you want to get in on all the action, now all that’s left to do is actually join the club. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up to Cycling Ireland (CI)
  2. Choose your licence — if you don’t have plans to start racing straight away, then the best licence choice is typically a Non-Competition Licence. This will still allow you to race, simply by paying for a one day licence on the day of an event. The other licence option for a typical MTB racer would be a Limited Competition Licence. *Please note that Non-Competition Licence is a minimum requirement to join the club*
  3. After choosing your Licence type, choose your club — MTB Assoc of Dublin
  4. From here you can now pay both your CI licence fee and your club membership fee.
  5. As soon as your membership is approved (as soon as we pick up the email) you are now a member of the club.
  6. If you already have a CI licence and would like to join the club, your best option is to pay your club fee via Paypal. Please contact for details.
  7. The last thing to do is to join the forum, to gain access to details of the next club spin.

3. Join the forum

Plans and discussions of spins and club activities are kept in the member’s forum. To gain access to the member’s forum please set up an account at and follow the instruction there on how to gain access to the member’s area.

Already an experienced rider?

So you already have sufficient biking experience and you want to join up straight away without the need for an Intro spin. You might be looking to learn the trails or take advantage of being a member of Ireland’s largest mountain bike club. No problem, you can join up straight away by paying your club fee directly to the club, if you already have a Cycling Ireland licence. Or you can pay for your Cycling Ireland licence and MAD membership fee at the same time through the Cycling Ireland website.

For direct payment details or other queries, please email

Annual membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. The annual membership cost is currently €30 (note there is also a reduced membership cost of €25 for additional family members). Cycling Ireland licence fees are outlined on the CI website.

If you have any questions on any of the above details or any other club matter, drop us an email at

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  1. Fintan Moore Reply

    Hi. I’m wondering if there are any regular intermediate spins on Wednesday evening? It’s my best evening to get out but doesn’t suit the other MTB-ers I know.

  2. Liam Phelan Reply

    Hi Fintan, I’m sure if you joined up and posted an intermediate Wed evening spin on our forum, other members would join you. But to access the spin forum, you would need to join up first, using the steps outlined above.

  3. James Mc Kay Reply

    Hi, i have recently moved back to Ireland. I am based in Skerries. I would like to join a mountain biking club but I am a complete novice. I don’t have my own bike or kit would your club be able to provide a bike or be able to advise me where I could hire one. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bike and kit and them realise that your club isn’t the wright fit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks James

    • Liam Phelan Reply

      Hi James. Sorry I am only seeing your comment now.
      I would recommend you go to (club sponsor) where you can both hire a bike and get some lessons. It’s the ideal way to see if you like the sport (I guarantee you will!).
      By the way, you will find it much quicker and easier to get answers to any biking related questions on our forum.

  4. John Reply

    great site and info.
    can you tell me how much membership is and i live in wicklow so i’m unsure about where i can go to cycle near me.
    thanks.i have a kona four mtb

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