C.I. License

Applying for a Cycling Ireland Licence

Cycling Ireland membership is a requirement for all MAD club members. This can either be a “race licence” or a “non-competition licence”. Non-competition licence holders can still take part in events by purchasing day-licences for each event. The cost of day licences quickly adds up so if you’ll be taking part in a few races an annual race licence is recommended. Annual licences are posted to the club secretary for distribution to the club.

Of the various licence types available, the following are relevant to MAD:

  • Full competition – allowing you to race in mtb and road events
  • Restricted competition (Offroad) – allowing you to race in mtb events only
  • Non-competition membership – does not allow you to race but you can avail of all the other benefits of CI membership and avail of reduced-cost day licences.
  • Introductory membership – this is a reduced price, non-competition licence available to first-time Cycling Ireland members.

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Already have a CI licence?

If you already have a Cycling Ireland licence and would like to join MAD MTB, can simply pay your club membership fee directly to the club using Paypal (you don’t need to have a Paypal account). For details please email committee@madmtb.com.

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