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Why we ride
« on: 03, November, 2019, 01:58:22 PM »
Got this on an email recently from and it struck a chord with me.  Thought it was worth a share here.  Why do you ride?

Mountain biking isnít about just riding a bike. Itís not about getting muddy. Itís not about buying all the latest gear. Itís not about chasing top 10ís and KOMs on Strava.

Those are all great. But they arenít why we ride. Not really.

We ride to clear our mind and take care of our mental health so we can be happier people, better partners and better parents. We ride to fight Anxiety, Depression, PTSD or just to clear all of the stresses of the day. We ride because itís our outlet to get rid of any negative emotions and let the good ones in.

We ride because when we clean that climb for the first time. Or nail that terrifying drop. Or clear that jump. Or ride that super steep downhill, it makes us feel amazing. It makes us feel like an absolute badass. It doesnít matter how easy it might seem to other riders. To us, we just nailed something huge. The confidence you gain from mountain biking oozes into every other aspect of your life. It gives you the confidence to walk into any room with your chest high and shoulders back. It makes you proud of yourself. It makes you like the person you see in the mirror. It makes you feel like you are living life.

We ride to be fitter and healthier not so we can have Ďripped absí (because how many people reading this actually have ripped abs?) but because we want to live as long as we can. We want to look after our hearts and our lungs, because we only have one body. And we need to look after it.

We ride because it allows us to be part of the best and most friendly community there is. If you are a mountain biker then you have friends in all corners of the world. Rock up at any trail centre and within 10 minutes you can find friendly people to ride with. At all times, at the deepest level, you are aware you are part of a family. A community. A brother and sisterhood. We ride because it allows us to belong to something much bigger than ourselves.

We ride because itís our identity. We donít Ďmountain bikeí, we ARE Mountain Bikers. Itís not a hobby, itís an obsession. Thatís a huge difference.

Thatís why Iím so passionate about MTB Fitness.

I am on a MISSION to help as many riders as possible enjoy riding to the absolute max.
MTB Fitness isnít about helping you get fitter for fitness sake. Itís not about being stronger just so you can descend easier. Itís not about getting faster just to get better results on Strava.

Itís because when you get fitter, faster and stronger you enjoy riding so much more. When you put in the effort and graft both on and off the bike, eat better and focus on your recovery, it TRANSFORMS your riding. It transforms your energy. It transforms your day-day mood. It allows you to become a better version of yourself.

Every day I hear from riders all over the world who have stuck to my 12wk programme and are seeing the benefits. They email me buzzing that they just knocked 30 seconds off their 10 minute PR on a climb that used to be max effort, without even trying.

They message to say thanks for helping them complete their very first century on a mountain bike. A task they thought was impossible.
They tell me their friends thought they were on an e-bike they were so fast up the climbs. Or how at 50, their 20 year old son can no longer keep up with them!

I get goosebumps when people email me and tell me how they went from riding once a week, to now having the energy and motivation to ride daily because they are eating better and training right.

And I absolutely love when someone stops me at a trail centre and tells me how much they are enjoying the programme and how itís allowed them to be able to now keep up with their mates on the trail, for the full ride.

The fitter you are, the more you enjoy riding. I want you to be able to squeeze as much as is physically possible from this unbelievable sport. Thatís why I want you to follow my training programme and nutrition guide. Because mountain biking is unbelievable, why wouldnít you want to make the most of it?

To join thousands of mountain bikers in 43 countries, if you haven't already, go here :


Matt Mooney
MTB Fitness

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Re: Why we ride
« Reply #1 on: 15, July, 2020, 08:10:00 PM »
I used to have a very taxing job and I wanted to have an escape from it on the weekends. One weekend, my friend invited me for a ride in our local trail and I had a lot of fun. The excitement was enough to keep my head away from my job. I was using my friends spare bike back then and eventually I decided to buy my own.


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