MAD MTB Monthly Introductory Spins

Last weekend of each month

So we usually alternate between the last Saturday and Sunday of each month to run what we call our Intro spins (short of introductory spin of course). However, Intro spin dates can vary depending on the race schedules and availability of members to run the spin.

If you would like more information on our next Intro spin, please sign up here and we will email the details about a week or so before the spin.

You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming Intro spins dates.

These spins our run by experienced members of the club, who are on hand to answer any questions about how the club works, or any mountain biking questions you might have. Can’t guarantee we will know the answer though. 🙂

Spin pace is only as fast as the slowest rider, so don’t worry about keeping up, we will set the pace around you. If we have a larger group, we may break up into medium and slow groups, but that will depend on numbers.

We stick to the easier trails, depending on the skill level of the people attending. But don’t worry, we never ever put pressure on people to ride outside their comfort zone. If you come across some trail you don’t like the look of, you can simply walk that section and re-group afterwards.

Everyone is welcome along, so sign up now and we will see you on the trails!


Mountain biking is highly addictive and may hurt your wallet.

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