Get Involved

For all of you who wish to join the club, we would ask that you first come out for a spin with us to see if the club is right for you. We called these spins or Intro spins (short for introductory spins of course). These usually run on the last weekend of each month alternating between Saturdays and Sunday. But don’t worry, they are not high speed spins, the pace is always set by the slowest rider and there will be plenty of stops to catch your breath.

Our Intro spins usually involve a gentle paced spin, sampling some of the club’s favourite trails but we aim to avoid the more difficult trails, so all levels of experience are welcome. That includes everyone from people with years of mountain biking experience to people coming out on their first ever spin.

All Intro spins are led by experienced MAD members who will show you some of Dublin and Wicklow’s classic trails, while being on hand to provide advice and answer any questions you may have regarding riding with the club.

Read more about your first MAD spin

We are a club that prides itself on catering to all levels of mountain biking experience, very much including people who are completely new to the sport.

If all that sounds good to you, please add your details to the Intro spin mailing list. We will then email you all the spin details a week or so before the spin.

Already an experienced rider?

So you already have sufficient biking experience and you want to join up straight away without the need for an Intro spin. You might be looking to learn the trails or take advantage of being a member of Ireland’s largest mountain bike club. No problem, you can join up straight away by paying your club fee directly to the club, if you already have a Cycling Ireland licence. Or you can pay for your Cycling Ireland licence and MAD membership fee at the same time through the Cycling Ireland website.

Please note that a Cycling Ireland leisure licence is a minimum requirement to join the club.

For direct payment details, or other queries, please email

Underage Riders

Membership is open to those of 14 years or older, but extra rules apply, so please read them all here.