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Author Topic: Richie Byrne - Blood and Steel (bio/blog of Richies MTB adventures)  (Read 184 times)

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Don O'Connor has posted the following update on:

A quick update:

 First off a huge thank you to everyone who has ordered the book. We have all been taken aback by the demand but in truth, I am not that surprised.  People miss Richie and the energy he brought to our community, and this book helps to keep the memory of those crazy times near.  This is a great opportunity to reconnect with that and you'll have a good laugh along the way. 

 The good news is the book is nearly complete so we are bringing the closing date for the fund forward to this Sunday, 1st April. 

 At that time we won't be taking any more orders and we will be emailing everyone to get their addresses. We would expect everyone to have their books delivered by the second week in April.

Help spread the word!


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